Disstemma open dialogues through site-specific installations. This loose collective of three artists operates in neglected urban spaces that have exhausted or yet to find their purpose. Disstemma strip back and reconstruct layers of meaning, history and reference.

Paul Abbott, Simon O’Donovan and Sean Raggett create work encompassing the full range of contemporary art practices and media. Drawing, photography, and video sit alongside events, found objects and architectural interventions as strategies for interpreting a given place and time. Each project recasts the internal dynamic of Disstemma’s intellectual and aesthetic preoccupations to reflect the specifics of its locality.

Not subscribing to any one philosophical dogma, a plurality of questions is suggested by the work. Certain themes however do recur. The nature of transmission, messages, perception, and the-thing-in-itself are explored through the use of religious and secular narratives that resist full disclosure. Constrained viewpoints, entry ways, and the selective use of light, echo a movement of attraction and impediment present in much of the subject matter.

It is a practice where objects are relocated. Histories are rewritten. Messages lost and found. Ultimately these allusions suggest the promise of a revelation, but one both brought into presence and held back. Disstemma brings the viewer into a tentative relationship with perception and truth, with what is and what is knowable.

Ruban Hale 2015.